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2008 Laser Asia Pacific Championships 

Date:  14 - 19th January, 2008
Venue:  Sandringham Yacht Club / Royal Brighton Yacht Club  

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A huge fleet of 197 Lasers from 53 countries participated in the 2008 Laser Asia Pacific Championships concluding 18 January 2008.

The Regatta was conducted as part of Sail Melbourne with on water race support by Sandringham Yacht Club and with the Lasers using Royal Brighton Yacht Club as a shore base.

Hugh Leicester, Chairman of the Asia Pacific Laser Association thanked both clubs, Sail Melbourne and the Victoria Laser Association for their conduct of the event in declaring the event easily the largest and most competitive Laser Asia Pacific Championships ever conducted.  He announced the next Laser Asia Pacific Championships will be held in Perth in Jan 2009 and that a venue in Asia was being sought  for 2010.

The Regatta was sailed over 5 days will two races per day except for the last day when fading winds made only one heat possible.  Otherwise Port Phillip put on steady 15-20 sea breezes providing excellent racing.

The Laser Standard fleet of 121 boats was sailed in 3 colour groups and the Radials sailed a men’s (27 boats) and separate women’s (49 boats) fleets.

Australia’s Tom Slingsby nearly blew it in the Laser Standard class on the last day with an uncharacteristic tenth place, but his superior number of first places carried him through on count back to pip Paul Goodison of Great Britain when they finished tied on 21 points.

Local, Sarah Blanck continued her good form from the recent Australian Laser Championships in the Radial Women class to win by 9 points from Sari Multala from Finland.

The masters dominated the Radial men’s class with Greg Adams (AUS, Master) winning clearly from a tied Richard Bott (AUS, Apprentice) and John Jagger (AUS, Apprentice).

Laser Standard Open

1. Tom Slingsby, AUS, 1,(OCS),1,3,1,1,1,3,10, 21pts; 2. Paul Goodison, GBR, 3,1,4,(13),4,3,3,2,1, 21pts; 3. Andrew Murdoch,NZL,1,4,3,2,1,1,(BFD),7,5, 24pts; 4. Adonis Bougiouris, GRE, 2,4,3,6,4,3,4,4,(7), 30pts; 5. Mike Bullot, NZL, 5,6,6,2,1,5,(BFD),8,2, 35pts.

Laser Standard Youth

1. Oliver Tweddell, GBR; 2. Thorbjoern Schierup, DEN; 3. Andy Maloney, NZL.

Laser Standard Apprentice

1. Mark Tonner-Joyce,AUS; 2. Brad Jones, AUS; 3. Travis Bloom, AUS.

Laser Standard Master

1. Jan Scholten, AUS; 2. Peter Conde,AUS; 3. Larry Kleist, AUS.

Laser Standard Grand Master

1. Wolfgang Gerz, GER; 2. Sean Homan, AUS; 3. James Temple, AUS.

Laser Radial Women’s Open

1. Sarah Blanck, AUS, 2,1,(16),2,1,1,1,2,2, 12pts; 2. Sari Multala,FIN, 1,2,6,1,5,2,3,1,(14), 21pts; 3. Tanis Elias Calles, MEX, (7),3,2,6,4,7,2,6,4, 34pts; 4. Lijia Xu, CHN, 6,(13),3,3,2,3,4,13,3, 37pts; 5. Jo Aleh, NZL,3,5,7,5,(BFD),6,6,5,1, 38pts.

Laser Radial Women’s Master

1. Vanessa Dudley, AUS; 2. Diane Sissingh, AUS; 3. Susan Fielding, AUS.

Laser radial Women’s Youth

1. Cushla Hume-Merry, NZL; 2. Victoria Chen, SIN; 3. Gabrielle King, AUS.

Laser Radial Men Open

1. Greg Adams, AUS, 1,1,1,(7),1,1,1,1,6, 13pts; 2. Richard Bott, AUS, 3,2,6,(9),2,2,3,2,7, 27pts; 3 John Jagger, AUS, 2,4,4,2,3,(6),4,4,4, 27pts.

Laser Radial Men Youth

1. Sydney Scott, SIN; 2. Viktor Teply, CZE; 3 Keiran Searle, AUS.

Laser Radial Men Apprentice

1. Richard Bott, AUS; 2. John Jagger, AUS; 3. Grant Willmott, AUS.

Laser Radial Men Master

1. Greg Adams, AUS; 2. Gary Ratcliffe, AUS; 3. Barry Nordberg, AUS.

Laser Radial Men Grand Master

1. Peter Heywood, AUS.

Laser Radial Men Great Grand Master

1. David Wyllie, AUS. 

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