2005 Mid Winters

Sally Law, Tuesday, 20 September 2005

2005 Laser Midwinter Championships.                    By Mark Bulka.


32 Lasers turned up for a brilliant weekend run by Albert Park Sailing Club. Conditions were certainly cool with woollen hats a must. The strong winds on the bay certainly didn't make it anywhere near the lake, with the wind averaging around 10 knots for the whole weekend (unless of course you were in the lee of a Restaurant or island).

The 4.7 's had some tight racing with a Jarrod Lincoln and Shayne Lindsey finishing equal on points. Jarrod won on a count back having won 4 races over Shayne's 2 race wins. Hugh Osbourne raced well for 3rd.  Newcomers Christopher Francis and Nicholas Barrington showed us that the class is going strong and that they will soon start to push the leaders around the course.


In the Radials Mark Lincoln has made the graduation from the 4.7 with ease after beating Krystal Weir on a count back. The racing was very tight with many of the sailors enjoying their moments in the lead. Consistency won through however. Simon Merritt sailed extremely well for 3rd. With Albert Park Sailing Club not implementing drops for the regatta, Simon had to carry a 10th. With a drop he would have won the regatta.


In the Full rigs Mark Bulka won over John Jagger. John has been doing some heavy winter training with theYouth squad and Mark Tonner. Third went to local Luke Tuppers. Other notable performances were from Brad Jones and Alex Howard who both won races though there results were effected by missing races.


Final Results. 6 Races. No drops.

Full Rigs:

1st Mark Bulka   9 points.

2nd John Jagger  20 points.

3rd Luke Tuppers 25 points

4th Brad Jones 31 points

5th Alex Howard 34 points



1st Mark Lincoln 18 points

2nd Krystal Weir 11 points

3rd Simon Merritt 20 points

4th Megan de Lange 25 points

5th Stephen Flack 30 points



1st Jarrod Lincoln 11 points

2nd Shayne Lindsey 11 points

3rd Hugh Osbourne 18 points

4th Christopher Francis 26 points

5th Nicholas Barrington 32 points