50 Starters at Mt Martha Masters / Youth Regatta

James Mitchell, Monday, 14 February 2005

Great weather,50 Lasers and plenty of 90 degree shifts made for a great weekend at Mt Martha

Great weather, 50 Lasers and plenty of 90 degree shifts made for a great weekend at Mt Martha.

The 2005 combined Victorian Laser Masters Championship and Laser Youth Regatta was held at Mt Martha Yacht Club last weekend the 12 and 13th Feb 2005.  33 Full Rigs, 13 radials and 4 4.7's enjoyed excellent racing with two solid 18 knot races on Saturday and three light and shifty affairs on Sunday.
With an excellent spread of competitors and many new faces in both the Youth and Masters categories the fleet made an impressive sight off the renown white (and soft) sand at Mt Martha. 
On the water the competitive spirit was alive and well.  In the full rigs the apprentices dominated early only to be cleaned up by Youths Sean Bly and Warwick Hill in the final race.
In the Radials it was Sub Juniors all the way - Simon Merritt with a near perfect performance although Apprentice Phil Lawson was close behind all the way.
Mark Lincoln cleaned up the 4.7's with a clean sweep but the encouragement award was well earned by newcomer Nicholas Barrington.
Category winners;
4.7  - Mark Lincoln
Radial Master -  Phil Lawson
Radial Youth - Stephanie Styring (and 1st women)
Radial Sub Junior - Simon Merritt (and outright winner)
Full - Apprentice - Mark Tonner- Joyce (and outright winner)
Full - Master - James Mitchell
Full - Grand Master  - Jack Adams
Full - Great Grand Master - Michael Heath
Full - Youth - Sean Bly
See the full results under the Results link.
Thanks to Michael Bragg, Tim Whitford and the team at Mt Martha for hosting the Laser crew once again.

Michael Bragg


Mount Martha Yacht Club

Congratulations All

I want to express my congratulations to Tim and the MMYC team for putting on a well conducted regatta. Significant resources were marshaled to ensure success.

Tony Montgomery brought Lara down to serve as a finish line platform on Saturday and Reece Watson brought his half cabin as back up to our patrol boats.

Greg Dalton did a great job in marshalling and leading the patrol boat team and brought Megan and Jessica from HMAS Cerberus to help out.

Sean Whelan once again did a great job in helping set true courses and generally providing expert guidance. Morgan Simmons was Tim’s understudy and Tim stood back on Sunday and more or less (can you believe it?) left Morgan and Greg to it. They were also ably assisted by Holly and Adrian Black         

Others in the cast were Joe Marich, David Mason and Andrew Jones on Lara, Michael Baer as chief sausage sizzler, Kate Clarke and Trenna Whitford generally catering to visitor needs, and Marshall and Kate Clarke and Stuart Facey compiling the final results. On Sunday Glen Collings, that renound sailor, went out on patrol to also lend his expertise.

As always, Bill Fox was in the tower providing coordination and back up from shore.

David Baer was co-opted onto the Protest Committee and David Mason is providing a written transcript of proceedings and the outcome of the one protest hearing which had no bearing on the final result.


We were fortunate with the weather, with strong winds from 15 to 25 knots on the Saturday from S- SW and 2 to 12 knots off shore with big shifts adding to the challenge on Sunday. The variety of these conditions provided for excellent racing with something for everyone. Saturday also saw pretty big seas and a few starters decided to pull out rather than go through the rigors of possibly capsizing, swimming, and the shear exhaustion of hanging on in such weather.


We congratulate the category and outright winners summarized by James Mitchell in his report. You will look there in vain for the name of a MMYC sailor. We had 7 boats entered across 3 categories. Stuart Facey came 7th out of 13 in the Radial class. In the Full Rigs Michael Bragg came 2nd in the Great Grand Masters ranking 23rd overall, Grand Master John Old came 24th overall, Great Grand Masters Don Morley, Noel Cass and John Knorr came 30th, 31st and 32nd overall. Marshall Clarke abandoned in the first race due to a bad back and was unable to compete in any subsequent race – bad luck for Marshall and the club; but he added his expertise in the tower on Sunday.


After racing on Saturday the Association provided beer and soft drink, and Michael Baer cooked sausages on the BBQ while tired and exhauster sailors swapped tales of exhilaration, triumph, and what could have been on the water; and what tomorrow might bring.


On completion of racing on Sunday James Mitchell thanked Tim Whitford and the MMYC team for their good race management before announcing the results and Michael Bragg handed out the trophies assisted by Mark Bulka, The Laser Association coordinator of the event and who came 2nd overall.


Our club immensely enjoys hosting this event and appreciates the smooth coordination with the Laser Association. We look forward to welcoming them again next year.