Port Phillip Regatta Report

Port Phillips @ SSCBC
Sally Law, Wednesday, 8 December 2004

The Port Phillips was an excellent regatta for those warming up for the summer national campaign or simply getting some pratice in for club racing.

While some of Victoria's top sailors headed north for this weekend there was still an excellent fleet of competitive sailors. The full rig fleet was great to watch especially some outstanding reaching by a number of youth sailors, mark roundings by those more experienced sailors and some josling down wind.

Saturday seemed to involve more discusions about up coming campaigns than actual sailing (see the piture below of the 'mothers meeting') and I have some fantastic photos of some clowns in there boats. Every second sailor must have missplaced their suncream with a lot of burnt faces and odd tan lines.

With four races on Sunday, it allowed for a drop benifiting a certian sailor that for a better word cracked the shits on Saturday and pulled out of the race because he was drifting backwards. The Sorrento Sailors showed that they know their water best, with strong tides and shifting sea breezes coming off 'the sister'.

Award Winners
Laser - Standard Fleet - 28 competitors
1st Peter Wilson
2nd Brad Jones
3rd Mark Tonner-Joyce
1st Youth - Will Law (5th overall)
1st master - Geoff Ratcliffe (10th overall)

Laser Radial Fleet - 20 competitors
1st Harry Mighell - Ist Sub Junior
2nd Simon Merritt
Ist Interstate James Burman (4th overall)

Laser 4.7 - 11 competitors
1st. Hamish Hurley
2nd Jarrod Lincoln

Good luck to all those sailors now heading off to SIRS and the nationals, I will see you up there.

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