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VLA Membership

Annual Single Membership of $50 or Family Membership of $90 (if paid before 1 December) provides you with:

Inclusive membership of Australian, Asia Pacific and International Laser Class Associations
•   Laser World newsletter from the International Laser Class Association
•   Laser Year Book from the International Laser Class Association
•   Email updates from local and international associations
•   Right to participate in State, National and Worlds and be eligible to win a covetted Laser 'Cube'

•   Access to Members Page on VLA website  
•   Access to the VLA Coaching Program
•   Transom sticker

The VLA membership year commences 1 October. The transom sticker will help remind you if you are eligible to participate in VLA, ALCA and ILCA organised events. The self adhesive sticker can be placed on the transom of your Laser after carefully cleaning the surface.

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